Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Bubu is a Corgi cross Chihuahua and is two years old.  She is so loving and friendly, really well behaved with the small dogs in our care.  She has had some training but does require some more in obedience.  Loves to take you for a walk!  She is quite playful and still very much a puppy.

She has been desexed, immunised, microchipped, given flea and worm treatments.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Daisy is a dainty little girl of 1.8 kg on 16/1/17.  Not toilet trained and had no training of any sort.
She is a dainty gentle little girl getting on well with the other small dogs.  No children of any age for this little girl.  She has been given worm and flea treatments, and has been fully immunised.  She has been desexed, microchipped, and has had all her baby teeth (which were retained) now removed.
Her microchip is 956000006055154


Big Fella is a tiny Chihuahua just the biggest of the three puppies, and weighed in at 1.8 kg. on 16/1/16 and is slowly gaining some weight - now 2.7 kg.!!.. He is the healthiest of the three pups.  His date of birth 2/2/16.  He has had no training whatsoever, and is far from toilet trained. No children for this little man. He has been fully immunised, given worm and flea treatments and has been desexed and microchipped.  He has had all retained baby teeth removed.  His microchip is 956000006104970

Update: Monday, 24th of April 2017.
Big Fella is now known as Arnold! He is doing very well in his new forever loving home by the seaside - read more about Arnold on this Chihuahua Rescue Victoria Success Story!


Tiny is a really tiny Chihuahua.  Only those experienced with Chihuahuas will be considered. He is one year old as his birth date is 2/2/16. He weighed 1.3 kg on 16/1/17.
He is not toilet trained and had no training whatsoever.  He has been immunised and has now been desexed and microchipped.  His microchip number is 956000006109796  Definitely NO children of any age as his molera is not closed and probably never will.  Through no fault of his own, Tiny is now looking for another forever home!


In memory of Portia, a Chihuahua Rescue Victoria dog who found her loving forever home in 2005 and passed away on Tuesday, 17th of January 2017. "She loved the beach... she loved getting wet and then racing around on the sand like a rocket."

Read the beautiful memoriam prepared by her adoptive Mum on our main site.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Fifi is a gorgeous litle Chihuahua of approx 7 years.  A gentle little girl getting on well with the other little dogs.  Will not be suitable for children.  She is toilet trained, desexed, microchipped, immunised, had flea and worm treatments.  In excellent health.  Her microchip is 956000002187361
TWENTY THREE  emails expressing interest in Fifi within twelve hours of her being listed.
Thank you.


Billy is the most loving gentle little man anyone could ever wish to know!  His date of birth is 01/08/2008.  He is totally toilet trained and very quiet.  He is desexed, immunised, microchipped, has had worm and flea treatment.  He would make the perfect little dog to either visit or live permanently in a nursing home! He just loves everyone and likes nothing better than to snuggle up on your lap.
His microchip is 982009106232053
ELEVEN EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST in Billy, within 12 hours of him being listed!