Saturday, March 19, 2016


Bindi 2 is a small Maltese who turned up in the pound, unclaimed!  She has been microchipped by the pound ranger as a three year old, but our Vet and her attitude and energy indicate that she very well could be not much more than a puppy!
She is the friendliest little playful dog, totally toilet trained, very happy to sit on your lap or snuggle like a baby into your shoulder! Her main problem seems to be a little bit of separation anxiety - does not like being left for any time.  Therefore we are looking for a home where there is someone home full time.  Only guess work, of course, but we think she was probably left alone originally and has escaped to wander the roads and suburbs seeking her family, never to have found them, then being impounded and doing her "time" in the pound.
She is now microchipped, fully immunised, desexed, wormed and flea treatment given.  

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