Sunday, December 13, 2015


Checkers is a very outgoing little male mixed breed of possibly Maltese/ Shih Tzu/Jack Russell, very young, always smiling!
He has been wormed and given flea treatment.  He has been desexed, microchipped, and immunized. No cats  


Domino, female, a quiet little mixed breed, possibly Maltese/Shih Tzu/Jack Russell perhaps, estimated at approx 15 to 16 months.  Very clean in the house but is frightened in the beginning.  They came from a pound in outback NSW and were in disgusting condition.  They now look stunning since a good bath and clean up!
She has been desexed, microchipped, and immunized with C5. She has been given worm tablets and flea drops.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Beauty is a lovely little Chihuahua cross Jack Russell (we think!) of 5 years.  She will not be suitable for small children but OK with older kids.  Good with adults but a little timid and rolls on to her back in submission.  She has been desexed, microchipped, fully immunized and given flea and worm treatments.  Her price is $350


Henry is gorgeous little dog we believe to be a Schnauzer cross with some sort of Terrier, 5 to 6 years and about 8kg.
He is obedient and well behaved.  He loves to go for a good walk and seems very friendly.  However never try to take his bone from him!  he does not share his bones but happy to share his food with the others!  Loves raw bones too. Henry does not like birds or cats.  He does require lots of walking and plenty of room to move.  He requires socialisation with other bigger dogs, so we think some good firm training would be good for him.   He has been desexed, microchipped, and immunized, teeth cleaned and two taken out, given worm and flea treatment.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Spook is a gorgeous small dog, Shih Tzu cross Chihuahua  He is so well behaved and loving, just would love to have a safe home to go to.  He is totally toilet trained, quiet, desexed, fully immunised, microchipped, has the annual proheart immunisation.  He is just a wee bit unsure when first meeting you but within hours he just loves you and would like nothing more than to sit on your lap and snuggle up!  At a guess we think about five to six kg.
His price is $300.