Sunday, May 25, 2014


Pepe is a pure Chihuahua, two years of age, who has had a sad start to life.  He is becoming very relaxed and has started eating twice a day so his weight should pick up fairly quickly.  Pepe has been desexed, fully immunised, microchipped, given flea and worm treatments.  He will not be suitable for children or cats.  Pepe has begun to play with the other little dogs and it is a joy to see him now wagging his tail; to see the sparkling in those beautiful eyes as he begins to play with toys too.   His priceis be $400.


Benji is a big puppy of unknown breed!  The pound described him as a Mini Fixy cross Chihuahua!  Well we totally disagree with that description!  He is a cross of some sort, almost four months old, very playful, loving, active, and we would estimate he will be a smallish dog and probably weigh about 7 to 8 kg full grown providing he is not allowed to become overweight.  He has been desexed, had his first two immunisations (one booster to go this week!), has been microchipped as DOB 10/1/2014.
He has had flea treatment and been wormed regularly as puppies should be.
He will need someone who is prepared to train him and teach him to walk on lead etc.  He will require a good amount of exercise.  His price is $300.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Carrie is the most friendly loving little cross breed of 3kg.  Two years old.  She has been desexed, immunised, and microchipped, given flea and worm treatment.  Her problem is that she is an escape artiste!
Her price is $400.  Carrie is the friendliest little dog anyone could ask for.  She would prefer a home where you are home most of the time.


Mr. Atticus Finch, with the most glorious luxurious coat!  He is just four years old, and the most obedient little boy anyone could ask for!  Totally toilet trained and quiet, only barking if something is going on outside that he cannot see, but stops the moment you tell him. He has been desexed, immunised, microchipped and given flea and worm treatments.  His price is $300.  Mr Atticus does have a tiny cherry eye in his right eye.  Vet advice is that it should not ever need any treatment as it is very tiny.


Bonnie is a 10 year old Chihuahua cross Pomeranian.  She came in to our care through no fault of her own and is the most beautifully well behaved little dog.  She has been desexed, immunised, microchipped, been given flea treatment and worm tablets.  Some wonderful friends came over and clipped her old coat off and gave her a bath and blow dry.  After that she was a lot happier!  Bonnie's price is $200.
Bonnie before her clip and bath!
Having a clip!