Saturday, October 19, 2013


God Boy is an 8 month old puppy long coat Chocolate Chihuahua.  He is so loving and cuddly just the most wonderful little boy.  So far his appears to be 90% toilet trained!  He has been desexed, immunised, microchipped, Vet checked etc.  His price is $450


Sandilee is a loving gorgeous little three year old Chihuahua, smooth coat cream.  She has been desexed, immunised, microchipped, wormed and flead, has been give great health clearance by vet.  Her price is $500
Yes, she does climb!


Chad is the most loving cuddly little darling long coat brindle Chihuahua.  He is 3 years old, will be desexed, immunised, microchipped, given flea and worm treatments.  His price is $400, and we have one person interested in him at the moment.

Now in May 2014 Chad is now called Wolfie and is soooo happily settled in his new home.


Yvette is a five years 4 months old a smooth coat Chocolate and tan female Chihuahua.  A gorgeous little girl.  She has been completely vet checked and is in excellent health.  She jas been immunised, microchpped, desexed given worm and flea treatments.  her price is $500 and she is ready to go now.


Spirit is a 2 year old Chihuahua, long coat cream.  Bit timid and shy and undergoing some handling.  He will be desexed, immunised, microchipped.  He has been given worm tablets and flea drop.  Complete vet check and is a very healthy little boy.  His price will be $400
Spirit is the cream boy in the middle.


Sandy is a 3 years 2 months Chihuahua very frightened at the moment.  A lovely long coat.  He will be desexed, immunised, microchipped.  Needs some handling at the moment.  His price will be $450
Sandy is the golden boy on the right.


Hershey is only one year eight months, and a gorgeous deep chocolate and tan Chihuahua.  He is will be desexed, immunised, microchipped, wormed, given flea treatment and complete vet check, a very healthy little guy, although still a little timid.  His price will be $400
Hershey is the Chocolate at the back.


Jason is a 3 year old gorgeous little Chihuahua.  He is a delight, getting on well with the other dogs and just a bit shy at the moment.  He will be immunised, desexed, microchipped, wormed and given flea treatment, fully vet checked and in excellent health.  His price will be $450
Jason is the one standing up, on the right.


Benjy is a Chihuahua cross with something and looks like a very mini Corgi!  he is 6 years old, desexed, immunised and microchipped, wormed, had flea treatment, complete vet check.  He is a very healthy little man and loves people and walkies!  He gets on well with the other dogs and is always wanting to play.  His price is $400 and he is ready to go to his new forever home now!