Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Squirt is a gorgeous two and half year old pure Chihuahua of questionable breeding!  Very cuddly and friendly and playful.
He is well on the way to being toilet trained and is quite obedient once he understands the rules!
Photoes will be available after his surgery for desexing and microchipping on Thursday 17th January 2013.  His price available POA.

Monday, January 7, 2013


Pipsqueak, a little male puppy of six and a half weeks old on 7 Jan 2012.  Smallest of the puppies and not up for adoption as his health is very fragile at this stage.  He will eventually be desexed, microchipped, and immunized as his health improves. He is a long coat Chihuahua cross Pomeranien.
Pipsqueak visited the vet on 16th January for his first immunization and Vet health check.  He has a very strong heart beat, breathing well etc.  All legs, tail, tummy etc. checked.  He does, however, have a very pronounced overshot jaw which we knew of.  It took ages to get him to learn how to "lap" his milk, and then learn to eat soft food!  He kept almost drowning in it!
His other problem is that he has a really large Molera (soft spot - as with babies).  His head will have to be very carefully watched until that closes over, if it ever does.  Otherwise he is in really good health.
There are three persons waiting to adopt him, as of 17th January 2013.

On 21st March, 2013 we received the following letter from Pipsqueak's forever Mummy!  So you can share our happiness at hearing how he is doing we copy it here for you:-
Hi Rita,
I know I have thanked you via fb, but I feel the need to email you as well.  I cannot get over what a wonderful little dog, Pip is!  In the short time we have had him, he has coped with a lot.  It is production week at the magazine, and we have hardly been home.  He has been carted from pillar to post - and managed it all. The only blot on his copy book has been the pleasure he gets from chewing and shuffling the pages of the magazine that Deb has laid out on the floor.  I think it's funny, but Deb doesn't.  He he he ! When he needs to be corralled, I sit him on my knee - tucked up my top, and he goes off to sleep.  

He sleeps well, eats, but is not a guts.  He has coped with having a bigger dog to play with and plays chasey around the furniture.  The ferrets are VERY interested in him, and he is getting used to them.  I came out of the bedroom the other day and he was sitting in the passage and the male ferret appeared to be cleaning Pip's ears.  He is friendly with people - but likes me best.  :-)

He is beginning to sit on command and loves to chase and retrieve a toy. As I type this, in the magazine office, he is sitting on the desk quietly and watching me.

In general, he is amazing!  Thank you so much for working so hard to save his life - it was more than worth your effort. He is so much more than I imagined he would be...and we are only at the beginning of our journey.

I think you can work out, you won't be getting him back at the end of the week.  LOL


Pandora, a female six and a half week old puppy, very outgoing and friendly. She will be a long coat Chihuahua cross Pomeranien.  Will be microchipped, desexed, and immunized.  Pandora has a potential adoptive mummy waiting for her.
Vet checked on 16th January 2013 and is in excellent health with no problems whatsoever detected.  She has now been immunized with her first temp innoculation and went really well.


Pewter, a male six and a half weeks old on 7th Jan 2013, very outgoing and playful. He is a long coat Chi cross Pom.  He will be desexed, immunized, and microchipped before going to his new home.
Excellent health at vet check on 16th January 2013.  He has now had his first temp innoculation and handled it well.
23/2/13  Pewter is now three months old.  He has been desexed, immunized fully, wormed every two weeks since birth, and given flea drop. He is microchipped.  His price is $450


Jet, a wonderful little male puppy of six and a half weeks on 7th Jan 2013.  He is a long coat Chi cross Pom.  He has been desexed, immunized, and microchipped .
Jet has been wormed every two weeks since birth up to four months of age.  His price is $400.
as a baby puppy

Jet at fourteen weeks.  

Jet has been listed on Petrescue and has received forty three enquiries to adopt him.  Each and every enquiry is being considered and each person is being answered.
Jet will remain on the "available now" listing UNTIL he is actually adopted.  


Thor, a male, long coat Chihuahua cross  Pomeranian, gorgeous happy little puppy.  He will be desexed, immunized, and microchipped in the next few weeks and has a potential new mummy to adopt him.
Given a thorough vet check on 16th January and is in excellent health.  He has had his first temp innoculation and handled it well.


Tori, a gorgeous six and a half weeks old puppy,  as at 7th January 2013.  Tori will be desexed, immunized, and microchipped as soon as she is old enough. She is a long coat Chi cross Pom. We have a potential adoptive mummy for her, so until that is all confirmed she will stay on here as available now.
Tori had her first temp innoculation on 16th January 2013, and given a complete health check and is in excellent health.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Joey, one of the most spectacularly gorgeous little boy of four years.  Joey came originally from a puppy farm and was very timid and shy, but never biting.  He has been desexed, immunized, and microchipped, toilet trained and is very obedient here.  He just wants to please.  He would make someone a wonderful loving little companion.  Joey is a bit on the bigger size but is a pure Chihuahua.  POA

Joey has gone to "try out" his forever new home!!  Love you Joey!!


Monty. a wonderful little well trained Chihuahua cross Mini Foxy of four years.  Totally toilet trained and clean, an obedient little man.  He has not had such a happy life and is now looking for his forever loving home!  He just loves attention, laps, and cuddles.  Gets on really well with the other dogs, very little barking except when someone comes on the property.  POA.  He is the most loving and cuddly little guy you could ask for!  Was totally spoilt with love from his previous owner and very well trained!  You could not find a more loyal and loving little companion!

Monty has gone to try out his new home!


Fifi, a gorgeous little old lady of thirteen years!  Vet check is that Fifi is in excellent health and had a really strong heart and should live for five to eight years with no problems.  Her legs etc are very sound and she is quite active!  Fifi is deaf but has nice clear eyes, although cataracts will start to form soon, I would think.
She is quite bossy with the other dogs when they come near her bed, but eats with them without problems.
She has been desexed, microchipped and immunized.  A wonderful darling little girl, so very quiet, no barking.  Price on application.
Fifi, sadly deceased on 20/4/2015.  Deepest sympathy to her grieving Mum, Melissa.  Sadly missed.