Friday, February 18, 2011

Angel Two

This gorgeous, very tiny Chihuahua is about three to four years old. She does not like everyone and we are looking for a one person home for her. Absolutely no children or other dogs or cats.
Further information given to any one interested in her. She just loves to be groomed and cuddled, but only by the right person.
She does love her bones too.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Romeo came in to "rescue" a few weeks ago. He was in shocking condition; dehydrated; flaking skin; starving; riddled with fleas and worms etc. His first two weeks were full on with treatments for all the above, and then he had to face his desexing operation! He came through really well and every day he gets a glossier coat and begins to look better and better! Romeo is toilet trained and requires very little exercise. Romeo is a very tiny little dog weighing in at a whole 2.5 kg.! He went to "try out" a new home with a very elderly lady who discovered she was not able to cope with caring for an animal, and this lady said he is the most wonderfully well behaved little dog. We thought he was a pure Bambi Chihuahua, but it is possible that he could be a Min Pin crossed with a Chihuahua. He is a quiet little guy but would not be suitable for children or other animals - sorry but he is a one on one little mate. His price is $250


This little guy in in very poor condition at the moment. He is five years old. Further news from Vet trip is that Ceasar has a slow heartbeat, 25/2/11 the good news is that the "slow" heartbeat in a tiny little dog is not unusual and is not necessarily a bad thing - thank goodness. These little ones live a lot longer than normal BECAUSE of the slow heartbeat! Could it be caused by aenemia? - Bad feeding?? - vet says NO. Both Ceasar and his brother, Romeo, have been left outside - and it shows! Both have very dry coats due to "outside" housing and very poor diet. They are the Bambi (or deer) Chihuahua with the long skinny legs.
Their elderly male owner is terminally ill and no family members wanted his dogs, so they are now safe and secure in "rescue" Ceasar is a little shy but approachable and will come up to you for a pat - soon that will be for a good old fashioned "cuddle"!!
We will be placing these little "brothers" in separate homes. When they were handed in the request was made to place them together - as they have spent their whole lives together. However, they do not get along together at all - and constantly fight and snicker at each other! Time for them to become individuals with heaps of love and care.
This morning Ceaser had heaps of cuddles and just loved it! We have started him on a dose of Nutrigell each morning and a Fish Oil capsule, so hopefully this will improve his appetite and coat.


Flash has been happily rehomed.
What an absolutely wonderful little dog with so much love and affection to give to someone!
Flash - because she runs everywhere - just like a flash! We are looking for someone who is home most of the time and has the patience and loveto give for this little girl, as she just craves company and attention - follows at you heels; lies down and waits patiently while you do the chores etc.
We believe she is a Chihuahua cross Mini Foxie but very small and stocky weighing 3.7 kg.
Flash does have (what we call) a small problem. Poor little girl is stone deaf and cannot hear a word you say. Vet check today 24/2/11 and we believe she has been born with no eardrum in the right ear, but has a defective ear drum in the left ear, hence she does hear really loud sharp sound such as a dog barking very close by. She is in excellent health otherwise and has come through her operation really well. She is totally toilet trained and is really willing to learn - if you can spend the time to get her to understand hand signals. Last night, just twice, I waved my hand "out" at the door and she picked up on that immediately. Flash's price is $250

Monday, February 14, 2011

February 2011 Donations

Thank you for your help:- Michelle $25, Elizabeth and Rex $40, Maria $30, Craig $40, Anne O. $100, Rachel $50, Robin and Shane $100, Pam and Paul 4 huge rolls of 4Legs dog food, Leonie and Rory 2 large 4Legs dog food, with many thanks.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Bella is now "trying out her new home".
A lovely friendly 4 year old pure Chihuahua. Bella has been desexed, immunized, and microchipped, wormed, and given flea treatment. She has very slight luxating patellas in both knee joints and this may need to have treatment in a few years time, but if her weight is kept under control this should not cause her any problems. Photo to come.