Thursday, July 29, 2010


Beaver has gone to try out his new home!
Beaver is a five year old male long coat Chihuahua. He is toilet trained and well behaved with very little barking. Gets on fairly well with other small dogs. He is very timid and takes a while to trust anyone new. He does, however, have a problem with ALL male humans. He has been desexed, immunized, microchipped, flead, and wormed. He is requiring a very quiet home, preferably with an older female.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


So named because he is so small that "He'll be trod on"! Hillby is in care as his owner cannot care for him at the moment. A gorgeous tiny little Chihuahua with spina bifida and also the runt of the litter. These tiny little Chi's do not have a very long life expectancy. Hillby's Dad comes over every now and then to visit Hillby. Last time he came over Hillby got a lovely new "bling" with blue stones on it. He just loves it and his Dad!! He just loves a chicken carcase or a chicken neck to gnaw on!
25/2/2011. Little Hillby has not been really well for a few weeks now - suffering with a persistent diarrhea and despite antibiotics, boiled chicken and rice meals, it would not go away, and Hillby developed a horrible smell. This morning we took him to the vet again! He decided Hillby had several rotten teeth which had to come out, so there and then he got the gas machine and asked me to hold it over Hillby's face so he went under the anaesthetic. He then pulled eight of Hillby's teeth out - ugh!! More gas and Hillby had samples taken of his tummy. It also appears he has no prostate - all part of the spina bifida! He has some sort of a growth in his bowel and that is to be scanned next week when his mouth heals. Yes, we are very worried about this little tiny baby! The lump does not sound good at all. More later.

Goodbye our darling tiny Hil. You fought a good fight to live your whole seven and a half years, mate! Rest in Peace and we will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Choba is a smooth coat pure Chihuahua of good solid build. He is 3 years old.
A week on a "diet" and Choba has lost a little weight and is now looking really good. He is a lovely friendly little man and is getting along really well with the other dogs, although we don't think he will be suitable with younger children. He certainly likes being cuddled!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Vader is a beautiful little Chihuahua cross Mini Foxy, smooth coat, aged 2 years, well toilet trained and very friendly. Vader had to leave his loving home as a new baby came along. He is obedient and quiet. He has had some training and is well behaved, but a little worried by the other dogs. He has been raised with birds and cats and gets along fine with them. He would be suitable for children as he loves to chase ball and play.


Petee is a very tiny Chihuahua, smooth coat, almost toilet trained, and extremely timid. She has now been handled for three weeks and is settling down really well, but is very "picky" on who she will allow to come near her. She will not be suitable for other animals or children. She would make an elderly person a wonderful loving little companion - but not too many visitors. Yes, she is just gorgeous but she can, and does, nip.

WONDERFUL NEWS!! We believe Petee's owner will come here tomorrow and providing Petee recognises her, Petee will go home where she belongs! We are so happy that another little baby has been saved and will be returned to her rightful owner!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Michael is trying out his new home.
Michael was facing death's row when a good samaritan gave him a chance and he came in to Chi Rescue care. He has been desexed and microchipped etc. From his microchip we have learned that Michael is six and half years old. He has an overshot jaw structure but eats really well. He is friendly and loves cuddles. The history we have been able to find out is that he spent his early years as an "outside" dog and never allowed inside. He was "surrendered" for what reason we do not know. Good Samaritan took him in to her home for several weeks and began his toilet training.
Most of all she showed him what a nice warm bed and warm coat can be like - just loves to lay in front of the heater!!
Michael does not seem to like other dogs or cats, just wants to have all the attention. He has slight patella in both back legs which is not giving him any trouble. He is a very tiny little Chihuahua. Would suit an older person for company and cuddles. His price is $200

Dodo, now Taco

Dodo is a gorgeous long coat male Chihuahua of about 2 to 3 years.
He is very gentle and loving with adults, but dislikes children of any size. He seems to get along with the other little dogs.
Now called Taco

Thursday, July 1, 2010


We wish to advise everyone who pays in to Chihuahua Rescue direct through the bank the BSB number has now changed from 804050 to 814282. The account number remains the same. Thank you.
All donations are very gratefully received and all monies go towards veterinary expenses for the little old and sick dogs that no one wants to adopt, and towards any little dog needing special treatments.
JULY 2010 :- Lydia and Ian $100, Elizabeth and Rex $25, Anne O. $50, Lynda $50, Elizabeth and Rex $25, Dogs across Australia have donated a lovely snuggly bed and two blankets, plus a little pink doggy coat for Jok!, Joyce G. $20, Smaro $25, Jan M. $100, and some gorgeous little jackets, and Chihuahua letter stickers, Elizabeth and Rex $100, Anne O. $50, Denise and Family $50 with many thanks.
AUGUST 2010. Markus $100, Tarryn $20, Elizabeth and Rex $30, Ritchies Stores $19.79, Anne O. $75, with very grateful thanks.
SEPTEMBER 2010. Samantha a lovely little four poster bed and bedding, huge bag of soft and squeaky toys, a carry bag, and other bedding, Jane $50, Elizabeth and Rex $25, Anne O. $50,
Elizabeth and Rex $25, Ritchies Stores $16.28, with many thanks