Sunday, September 3, 2017


Cleo is the most playful little dog that loves dancing around your feet!  She is toilet trained and well behaved.  She is a climber and will go to great lengths to go and find you if you ever leave her home!
She had a mouthful of rotten teeth and these have now all been removed.  Cleo has been attacked by a small JRT size dog and is frightened of most other dogs, especially as she has no teeth to defend herself with!  We prefer a one dog only home for her or a very small Chihuahua as a friend. She has been desexed, fully immunised, microchipped 982009106117452.  Given worm and flea treatments.  Her price is $400

If you would like to adopt this dog, or any of our Chihuahua Rescue Victoria dogs, please fill out the expression of interest form.


Candy is a gorgeous pure Chihuahua, DOB 13/8/12.  She is a very loving quiet little girl, totally toilet trained and just loves to cuddle with an older person.  She will not be suited with children under 12, not cats.  She is not dog friendly but just ignores them.  She has been desexed, fully immunised, mirochipped 956000006548066.  Her price is $600.

Monday, August 28, 2017


Gypsy is a gorgeous little two year (about!) Chihuahua cross JRT.  She is very well behaved and toilet trained, does very little barking and is obedient.  Very shy of other dogs, no cats and no children under 10 years.  More details after we see vet on Wednesday.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Mimi the little darling Chihuahua cross Mini Foxy of 12 years estimated.  She is the cheekiest little livewire, full of life and cheek!  Mimi was very overweight when she arrived with us and now has lost 1/2 kg in last two weeks and is almost perfect weight now or maybe a little more to go! This little darling has had a fairly hard life from the look of her.  Now a good healthy little girl!  Loves her food too well!!
She is desexed, fully immunised, heartworm treated, wormed and microchipped number 956000009364620.  Her price is $200

Friday, August 18, 2017


Janey is a Chihuahua cross Min Pin just 18 months of age.  She is very timid and shy.  Takes a while to earn her trust!  She is very quiet and loves a nice warm bed preferably near the heater in this weather!  She has come from a hoarding house with no human contact apart from one elderly lady.  She will not be suitable around children of any age.  Not suited with cats, but is ok with other very small dogs. She has been desexed, immunised, and microchip 956000005346700.
Needs a lot of socialisation and training, although she is toilet trained to an open door.  Her price $400


Coco is a Chihuahua cross Poodle of fifteen months of age.  She is a very nervy little dog, timid and shy, but when she gets to know you then she will protect you against all comers!  This little girl takes time to get to know her and only those with experience handling nervy little dogs please.  The Poodle in her coat means she does not shed hair and she is toilet trained and well behaved otherwise.  Definitely NO CHILDREN under 15 years.  She has been desexed, fully immunised and microchipped being 956000009471078.  Her price is $400

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Zeeva is a a gorgeous loving little dog and wants to be with you all the time.  Her DOB is 30/7/15.
She loves to play "ball" preferring a soft squeaky little ball but she will not bring it back to you!  She loves little Astro and quite often is seen grooming him.  She is very obedient and well toilet trained, understanding basic words.  Neither of these little dogs will suit a home with young people, including children of all ages.
She is desexed, microchipped number 95600000447237, she has been fully immunised C5, and been given work and flea treatment.
Zeeva will not be separated from Astro as both little dogs just love each other.  Price for the two dogs will be discussed with approved applicants.  Zeeva is the white baby in this picture.