Friday, July 21, 2017


Sophie is a pure Chihuahua weighing just 3 kg.  She will be best suited to a single older person or couple.  Preferably with no visiting children of any age.  She would be best suited as the only pet.
She is toilet trained and will tell you when she needs to go outside.  She has a really long tongue and this is so cute sticking out the side of her mouth!
She has been desexed, fully immunised, given flea and worm treatment.  Her microchip is 982000190696007.  She has had an accident some time in the past and ran in to a spiky busg injuring her left eye.  She has seen an eye expert and is now on ointment to heal the ulcer and drops to help ease any pain she may have.  Sophie is an absolute delight.  Her price is negotiable to the right owner.


Snowball is a 2 year old pure Chinese Hairless Crested of the Powder Puff variety.  He is almost 5 kg in weight.  He has the very cute habit of "praying" with excitement when you come home after being out for a while, or when you are preparing his food.  These dogs are a very fragile breed of dog and a knowledge of this breed is a must.  He is toilet trained, can bark at times when startled.  He will not be suitable with children of any age and picky with other dogs especially bigger than him.
His microchip 900032002677681.  he has been desexed, given worm treatment (Flea treatment not required with this breed.)  His price is $800.

If you would like to adopt this dog, or any of our Chihuahua Rescue Victoria dogs, please fill out the expression of interest form.


A gorgeous little pure Chihuahua has had a bad start to life and hopefully now can live his final years with heaps of love, security, and care. He is toilet trained and very quiet. He will not be suited to children of any age due to never being socialised with humans. Not sure of cats. He is fine with another Chihuahua, not bigger dogs.
His name suits him as he is just Magical!  Microchip 943094330281188, has been desexed, given worm and flea treatments.  He has had an umbilical hernia removed and this has tested benign.  His price is $400

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Mate is a tiny 2.3 pure Chihuahua of 2 years who has not had the best start to life but is coming through really well.  He is going outside for toilet now and no longer terrified of being picked up.  He is OK with the other little Chihuahuas, will not be suited with children of any age, no cats.
Microchip 900012000934768.  Has been desexed, fully immunised, had his teeth cleaned, given worm and flea treatments. His price is $600

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Freddie is a gorgeous 5 year old Shih Tzu cross weighing in at 5 1/2 kg.  Very friendly and loves cuddles.  Gets on well with older children.  He would suit an older person as an only dog.  No idea about cats.  His microchip is 956000002587351.  He is toilet trained and very obedient.  His price is $500

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Cindy is a gorgeous 3.7 kg mixed terrier dainty little girl!  She is quiet and well behaved.  Gets on well with the other dogs here.  She will be fine with older children and should be OK with cats.  She is toilet trained and only 1 year old.  Her microchip is 956000005363690.  Her price is $600

Saturday, July 1, 2017


Gerrie is the most wonderful little mummy we have ever seen.

She is a mixed breed including Chihuahua, Maltese and wire hair terrier of some sort. She came from a hoarding house of many breeds of dogs all mixed up together!

She is only four years old, and considering her previous living conditions she is toilet trained now.

She is very picky regarding other dogs; she does not like cats and will not be good around young children.

Gerrie has been desexed and microchipped, fully immunised, been given worm and flea treatments.

Her microchip is 982000361880025.
Her price is $600

Some memories of the last four months with Gerrie!

Gerrie was so heavily pregnant, sometimes she couldn't even get upright!

Swimming under a collection of pups!

She kept such a careful eye on them, making sure they were all taken care of.

Time to give everyone a feed.

You really took great care of your pups Gerrie. Now it's time to find someone to take great care of you!